3 days in Queen elizabeth national  park will take you to the the designated biosphere reserve for humanity under UNESCO’s auspice. It will literally blow your minds with its beautiful scenery with just the perfect touch of the Rwenzori mountains in the distance and amaizing wildlife especially the rare Tree climbing lions of Ishasha which are only found here. A favourite way to view the game and birds is by taking a launch trip  on the kazinga channel and the kyambura gorge that habours a small population of chimpanzees and other primates. A visit to this park will be an excellent adventure. Here is a detailed itenenary for the 3 days safari to Queen Elizabeth national park;

  • DAY 1


After a heavy breakfast the tour guide shall pick you from your accomodation in the early mornings inordrd to avoid traffic congestion. You will drive to the park taking the route of Masaka- Mbarara highway and make a few stops at the stunning Equator to strecth your legs, have coffe, buy some few souvenirs and take some photos there.

 Form there, you shall head to Agip motel for lunch and you will continue to Queen Elizabeth national park as you marvel at the breath taking scenery, tea plantations and the open grasslands, the long horned ankore cattle, rift valley escarpments. You will have an exciting Game drive in the evening as you drive back to your place of accomodation.

  • DAY 2


Take a heavy breakfast and then later set out in search of the morning Game drive along the Kasenyi  and Queen’s mile truck and if you are lucky you might be able to view a lot of wild game perhaps on their hunting sprees like the lions, kobs, waterbucks  and the shy leopard  and the spotted hyenas.

Return to your lodge for lunch and some relaxation. In the afternoon around 2:00pm, you shall go for a spectacular boat cruise  on kazinga channel that connects lake edward to lake George to view the amaizing bird life and a variety of wildlife plus the volcanic crater area and the baboon cliff which is amaizing! Dinner and overnight at your lodge or hotel.

  • DAY 3


With wonderful memories of the previous day, you will have a heafty breakfast as you prepare for the primate walk to the Ishasha sector  to view the tree climbing lions while exiting the park. Drive back to Kampala with a few stops to enjoy the crater lakes and the beautiful scenery. Have an en-route lunch stop at the Igongo cultural centre and then continue to drive back to Entebbe airport or to your preferred destination.

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Top 4 Activities Do When On Tour In Kibale Forest

Known as the primate capital of the world Kibale forest national park is located in western Uganda approximately 46km from the capital city Kampala. It is commonly known as the home of chimps and the most frequent parks in Uganda due to its high primate numbers, diversity of bird species and plant species so to enjoy the eye sighting of some activities one can decide to try it out. Kibale national park contains one of the most beautiful and with the most varying tracts of tropical forests in the whole of Uganda. Here are the top four activities to try out when in kibale forest national park;


Known as the best safari destination for chimpanzee trekking, it’s also ranked as number one primate by travelers to Uganda putting aside the shy endangered gorillas. Get excited as you’re on a trek and you see monkeys dancing and swinging on trees branches, feeding young ones and laughing. After trekking them you are given a chance to stay in their presence as much as you want and also while on the trek get a chance of sighting other different wildlife species like the colobus monkeys, vervets, blue monkeys and tsetse flies.


This is a fascinating and a breathtaking experience why most travelers flock to kibale national park. Here one can decide to extend their tour to western Uganda on the crater lakes around the national park that can be explored on foot. The top views allow the traveler to view a lot in the vicinity for example the rwenzori ranges, kichwamaba escarpments and the magnificent lake George. As you continue on your crater lakes tour, make sure that you make a stop at the Mahoma falls and take a shower at the bottom of the falls that will leave you wowing about natures beauty.


This is an amazing swamp in the tropical jungle of kibale forest filled with natural wonders that have amazed and delighted thousands per year as they trek this swamp. Even more than that the incredible plants, trees, palms, bigodi wetlands have become a must visit place.


This is an adventurous activity which takes a walk into the jungles of the forest of Kibale. it takes place at night and here you will have to be equipped with a high voltage torch and while on the trek you can get a chance to spot many animals for example the nocturnal such as hyrax potto, bush babies the serval cat and the civet.

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why should you visit Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s biggest unique tourist destination and blessed national park with a variety of tourist attraction activities and sitting on the shores of Lake Albert  in north western Uganda whose nearest city is Masindi. It takes approximately 5-6 hour drive to reach this stunning park and here you will be welcomed by the shying away baboons and the boasting lots of flora and fauna plus the mammal species. Presently, the spotlight of a visit to the Murchison is the launch trip up the stream to observe the falls and riverbank wildlife.  Here are some of the eye catching reasons why you should visit Murchison falls national park;

MURCHISON FALLS; Murchison falls is characterized by external war between rocks and water. The water violently compress through a narrow gorge, spraying misty droplets along their wake over a 50m radius hence creating a permanent rainbow over the battlefield and causes a continuous roar making you create lifetime memories and expand your network.

RIVER NILE;  A boat cruise along the Nile to the foot of Murchison falls with the instagrammable sunsets is  a rewarding experience for nature lovers and a perfect way  to unveil the hidden beauty of the country and the northern bank teems with a variety of mammals, birds and reptiles. Enjoy a drink while on a boat cruise that will help you enhance depth and integrativeness of thought.

FLORA AND FAUNA; The park is subjugated by woodland, wetland, savannah as well as tropical forest that is well known to be a habitant for over 76 mammal species like the hippo, Rothschild’s giraffe ,warthog among others and over 450 different bird species that will all create life time experiences.

NOCTURNAL GAME DRIVES; this is one of the highlights that are not to be missed. On nocturnal game drives, you can get a chance to see predators of the night out on the prowl such as the lions, leopards, hyenas and serval cats. It is about two hours in length and usually takes place at dusk and after darkness has set in and this is something we suggest not to miss because spotlights are used for the night game drives in the park this way there is no much you can miss thus improving your brain capacities while you don’t feel bad for spending money.

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What to pack for a safari in Uganda?

What to Pack for a safari in Uganda?

What to pack for a safari will determine how much you will enjoy and have memories on your safari, just imagine you are out for a safari and you don’t have that what it takes to be a true safari personnel. You will black out and miss all the memories that you have been longing for, so I will jot down some of the things that you will need to make a perfect day off for a safari.

Friendly clothes fit for a safari

Going out for a safari one should have the necessary out fit that will correspond to the type of safari he is going to. Weather, culture, vegetation, type of activity greatly determines which cloths you must put on, your clothes should have a color that blends in with your environment. Some cloths with dull colors are good in scaring away animals which reflects bad conduction with the gifts of nature. Long sleeved shirts and pants, water proof trousers, hiking boots and leather gardening gloves are good to accompany the clothing while on a safari for a better experience.

Still cameras and camcorders

A safari couldn’t be more interesting without cameras, then that couldn’t be a safari without one. For memories and unforgettable experiences on safaris, it is advisable to carry a camera so as you can have what to talk of and to see after that, one thing you shouldn’t forget is to carry enough battery for the cameras or carry a convertible adapter for easy charging while at the camp or in a lodge.

A day pack

A day pack is a small bag that carries the day’s needs for a comfortable safari, it may have your packed lunch, rain poncho, sanitizers, a journal, flash light and wipes. Endeavor not to pack a lot to be a heavy burden on your safari.

A Medical Kit

This item could be convenient and needful for any sudden acts may happen on your safari, and this could offer perfect medication. An insect repellant, an aids kit with bandages, cotton, antiseptics, is a must, preventive medication for head aches, pain and stomach ache is also needed. The medicines should have proper prescriptions for any chronical disease.

Mobile phone, tablet, or iPad

Most of the lodges and hotels that you will go to have free Wi-Fi and this could be ideal if you want to keep up with the social world and upload your experiences, then these items will be ideal on such a safari tour as you keep informing people close to you about the tour.

Documents and miscellaneous items

A passport, ticket, travel insurance documents and safari itinerary, cash in foreign currency, locks for your luggage and alternative form of identification in case of pass port loss. You will greatly need these items for a secure safari trip.

Sun protection gear

Weather conditions in Uganda keep on changing from now and then, this implies that you should be equipped with needful items like the sun protection gear since our country is known for having effect with the over head sun yet there are also the chilly mornings that are cool for the morning game drives. Besides the packed clothes ready for any weather changes, there are other things like the sunscreen; the sun some times gets brutal and this gives it need to be well equipped with these to take away the discomfort of the scorching sun. A wide brimmed safari hat one with a cod to prevent it from being blown off while in the wild. Sun glasses may also be needful to carry due to the bright sun rays that may affect the eyes, lip balm and a moisturizer will be ideal for a safari.

The few things listed above are best for the safari but there are other items that may not be as needful as the latter, toiletries and items to support the local community may be or not needed on a safari. Toiletries are usually provided by the lodges and hotels as well as the laundry services, but some toiletries like tooth paste, tooth brush, shower shorts, soap and tampons for women should not be left out while coming for a safari especially during the camping time.

Things to do in Entebbe

Located at the shores of the most magnificent lake in Africa Victoria, Entebbe is a city located in Central Uganda where the state house is also located, is famously known for having the largest commercial National Airport of Uganda and habituating the Zoo that has attracted many people from overseas just to come and witness the magnanimity of Entebbe. Entebbe is where most visitors arrive and depart more so being a town where you can explore various parks, places, Islands and our own national zoo. Arriving in Entebbe may seem boring right from the Airport through the main road but there is much more to discover away from the main road that will live you at a gaze. Entebbe for many times has provided nature lovers with most of their time, one can take leisurely walks, enjoy the tropical plants, trees, the sight and sound of birds and primates.

Looking for things to do in Entebbe, there are more than many beyond your expectations. The Botanical Gardens is the first impression that will draw you closer wanting to visit other places within Entebbe, the flowers, plants, monkeys and birds will make you want to stay for a full or half a day. If you are a birder then the Botanical Gardens is the place to go for introduction to birding, it has various bird species making it a birding section, so you can go over there and have the best of the pearl of Africa.

Sandy beaches can not ever miss within Entebbe being near Victoria, although Uganda is a land locked country, it has these sandy beaches, enjoy sunsets at the beach, lunch, dinner, sport like volley ball and many others. You can come over via the weekend and witness the beauty within the pearl, during week days the beaches are always quiet but it’s the weekends that are filled with many people that are there to relax. You can take a few sunset cruises for about 2 hours around the equator, if the day’s weather is perfect then this is the best way to end the day.

There is the famous Uganda Wild Life Centre that drives most of the youths and young kids to go and witness the various animals and study about them, it is really a nice palace to go that many people call the zoo. You can have afternoon mini safaris and also encounter with the chimps, if it comes to lodging, spend a night over because there are the best lodging facilities available. You can also have a chance to go to the Reptile Village and see all kinds of reptiles like snakes and crocodiles.

The Famous Ngamba Chimpanzee Island has become a popular instructive experience for the sanctuary of the chimps. It can be accessed via a slow boat or a speed boat which makes this an all day excursion and experience, for first transport then you can fly there and spend a night seeing the chimps during the feeding times. Many orphaned chimps all the way from the DRCongo are kept over here making it a chimp sanctuary.

That’s not all within Entebbe, there are other attractions that can spend your time moving to have something to do via there, you can involve in the golfing at Entebbe golfing course near the Botanical Gardens creating an artistic impression. When it comes to golfing, there has been an increasing fanbase by the Ugandans, there are other golfing courses and you will get a chance to golf on the African Continent in Uganda.

Visit Zika forest where the Zika virus was first discover but found in only zika forest, there you will see all the species of butterflies, monkeys and various tree species. You will be guided through the forest as it is not as dangerous as you may think., You will also be taught of the different ecological niche call them habitat levels within the forest taken by the animals especially insects. The Mabamba Swamps is another good one that you can’t leave without knowing, this is the best shoebill stock sighting that you will only find in Entebbe. We have only taken a little slicing on the cake but the simplicity within the tourist attractions in Entebbe signifies its magnanimity.        

Why rent a safari land cruiser for a road trip

A safari land cruiser is a four wheel drive car customized for safaris and camping tours that accommodates around 8 people and has space for cargo making it good for family trips and a very strong vehicle, spacious with an open roof for better views during your trips. It is one of the most used safari vehicles because of its comfort and improved versatility indeed part of the lasting African safari experience with a fitted UHF radio call, game viewing hatches, cooler boxes to carry drinks and a load compensating suspension for a smooth ride on rough roads plus 2 fuel tanks to ensure you go long trips without worrying that fuel may run out

With a safari land cruiser no wildlife can go unnoticed from this view point since it has a unique suspension systems and open sided tiered sitting arangment specially designed to maximise your comfort and game viewing opportunities and more to that, it is designed to tackle rough road challenges and operate even in the toughest environments like on rough muram since its strongly built with a large capacity suitable to enhance game viewing in the national parks and reserve.

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What makes Queen Elizabeth national park a popular safari destination.

Queen Elizabeth national park is medly of wonders and understanbly the most popular tourist destination and the oldest park in Uganda.It was opened in 1952 located in western Uganda in Kasese district approximately 410 km from Kampala the capital city accessed through the Mbarara – Masaka highway taking a 6hour drive, the Ishasha sector taking 7-8 hour of driving and the southern route from Bwindi park depending on where you will be coming from. The park is commonly known for its unique physical features, sparkling crater lakes, diverse eco systems like the sprawling savana, shady humid forests and fertile wetlands that make it an ideal habit for classic big game.

Climbing lions of Ishasha.

The park is set against the backdrop of the jagged Rwenzori mountains and one of the magnificent vistas include the dozens of enormous craters curved dramatically into the rolling green hills, panoramic views of the kazinga channel with its banks lined with hippos, buffaloes and elephants plus the endless ishasha plains whose fig trees hide the kings of the jungle ready to pounce on herds of the unsuspecting uganda kobs making you enhance the depth and integrativeness of thought.

Kazinga channel

Besides that, the park has got a fascinating water channel known as the kazinga channel accessed through the mweya pennisular that joins lake Edward to lake George. It is a cool point for viewing games plus the kasenyi plains ideal for lion tracking and it is well seen on a boat cruise down the course of the channel which is the most liked launch cruise trip in Uganda. It drwas a large number of wildlife like hippos, bird species and buffaloes who all quench their thirst from the water channel.

Kyambura Gorge

Create lifetime memories with the kyambura gorge the crevasse best known for its occupant chimps like the Red tail monkeys, high contrast colobus, vervet monkeys and baboons some of which are habituated because it has water hotspot for some creatures and is encompassed by savanna.

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All About Mbarara

Famously known as the land of milk and honey, Mbarara is a place you must visit while in Uganda located in the western part of Uganda approximately 270km by road southwest of Kampala city.

Explore the exclusive and extra ordinary site of Lake Mburo located only 30 minutes away from Mbarara and one of the smallest parks in the country with amazing and enticing activities in store for those who visit it. For zebra lovers we got you covered because It is the best place to see zebras while on safari and it’s the only place where  you can go for a safari on foot on top of a horse with a quad bike or a standard safari vechile.Enjoy night game drives sets it apart that offers a chance to see leopards and sport fishing.

Discover the magical and unique view of Lake Nakivali  that has large open fields around its shores with sandy beaches suitable for picnics.On the other hand, Rwizi that gets its waters from highlands suitable for canoeing, fishing, and spotting small primates where you get a chance to see some of the animals from specific points without having to pay the park fee required for a full safari.

Check out the exclusive Abagabe tombs where the royal families of the Ankole kingdom are buried and get an inspiring chance to visit these tombs during the day for a small fee.

Gorilla trekking that is done outside Mbarara but worth mentioning because it is one of the major tourist attraction in Uganda and the country is lucky to be hosting half of the remaining population of mountain gorillas in the wild at Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park.If you are already in Mbarara then the journey is less tiresome.

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Book A 4×4 Car For Your Park Safari

When it comes to park safaris, there is no better car than a 4 wheel drive vehicle; no need to worry about getting stuck in ditch or having to push the car on muddy or steep slope, a 4×4 car will always deliver. We at Self drive Car rental Uganda believe in giving our clients the best deal for a 4×4 car rental in Uganda, as much as a saloon car may be affordable , it cant handle the tough terrain the park or any remote destination in a 3rd world country offers.

You need a 4×4 car like a safari land cruiser, Land cruiser prado , safari van and if it’s a group safari, then it will definitely be a coaster bus . All the rental cars are well serviced with an AC and added features like a pop-roof for up-close game viewing , cooler box and most importantly adequate space for cargo.

Everything is covered when you rent a 4×4 car for your safari trip, leave all the car worries behind as you have the best car for the job; a car ready to go through all conditions and still give clients a comfortable road trip, something any tourists or local would love after paying that money for a 4×4 rental car.

Planning a road trip to one of Uganda’s national parks and searching for the ideal car , then you should choose a 4×4 car for self drive or guided trip. Self Drive Car Rental Uganda offers all the above mentioned cars at affordable rates along with a GPS , travel magazines, comprehensive insurance based on unlimited mileage.

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All About Masindi Town + Attractions

Masindi town is an interesting city located in the western region of Uganda on the road between Kampala and Murchison falls approximately 220 kilometers by road and this is quite a long journey distance for a first time tourist but it gives a rare opportunity to view touristic features along the way and there is a great number of tourist attraction that one who visit can broaden their cultural outlook .Masindi’s population is approximately 470,000 people.

Key touristic attractions in Masindi town

Murchison falls national park; this is one of the most valuable and a home to large varieties of wildlife whose attractiveness to tourists is enhanced by it’s very natural and scenic green landscape.In particullar,the park offers game viewing of indigenious wildlife such as lions, giraffes, and a variety of monkey species.

Buliisa Escarpment and hot springs; this gives an ideal opportunism to view effects of faulting.

Butyaba port; this is suitable and favourable for tourism investment.

Budongo forest
; this adventurous site offers nature and primate walks plus bird watching thus a key attraction for visitors to the center.

Wanseko community campsite; this is located on Lake Albert beach that offers expansive camping grounds, bird watching and canoeing.

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